Ice packs and moist heat for tmj

Well generally a lot many treatments are available for Temporomandibular joint syndrome,
but choosing the right one for you is the key to success. TMJ can be cured by various
methods depending on how critical it is. From hospitalized medication to home, various
methods can be adopted for its treatment. TMJ symptoms can be tackled using moist heat
at times. It may not be the whole sole treatment but will provide relief and relaxation. It
can be done by easily by applying moist heat on your face. Spasms caused by tight muscles
due to TMJ or Temporomandibular joint syndrome will be relaxed, any pain or discomfort
caused due to it will be tackled by this simple moist heat application on your face.

The procedure which should be carried out in the application of moist heat on your face is
very easy but should be done in a proper way. Moist heat should be applied to one side of
the face in a way that it relaxes any stretched muscle. This should be carried out constantly
for ten minutes. Some physical exercises are advised after the application of moist heat on
your face. Some of the exercises include pulling both the jaws away from each other using
hands in a very gentle, gradual or slow manner. Or another exercise can be carried out,
holding the upper front teeth using your thumb. All these exercises provide stretching and
relaxation. Other than moist heat, ice packs are also used in the same manner for relaxing
jaw muscle. Physically performing all these tasks plays a very vital role when it comes to
treating Temporomandibular joint syndrome. All these activities and methodologies should
be followed regular without break to achieve proper results. These actions should be carried
out several times. Guidance of a physical therapist is strongly advised while performing
these methodologies. Any wrong attempt of these actions may result into worse situations
where the end result leads you to jaw replacement or surgery. Strong and strict discipline
should be followed while conducting all these activities. During the course of treatment,
patient is advised little use yawning or chewing motion to avoid any discrepancy that might
occur. Keeping distance between the upper and lower jaw is required to avoid grinding as
it can further worsen the situation. Keeping all the above mentioned things will help moist
heat and ice packs to effectively resolve TMJ syndrome.

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